NOVA CONFERENCE 4/24-4/26/2014

 I attended the National Organization of Veterans Advocates (NOVA) Conference from 4/24-4/26/14 as a vendor for Vets for Full Representation (VFFR). The advocates in the NOVA Conference were mostly attorneys but there were non-attorney advocates as well. I handed out information to the attorneys about Vets for Full Representation and its position for legislative change and to encourage the attorneys that were veterans to join and I encourage the attorneys to encourage other veterans to join. Vets for Full Representation have around 350 members. Nearly all of the attorneys that I spoke with agreed legislative change is needed. They agreed with the conflict of interest problems and the other problems I have spoken about in Vets for Full Representation. The attendance of VFFR at the NOVA Conference appears to be a success. I hope the follow through of what was presented by other attorneys and veterans will follow. I will be going back to Congress about these changes in the near future.

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