The Upcoming Veterans Square Where Freedom Will Ring

VFFR will relocate at a new location which will be called Veterans Square at 555 and Veto Road in Little Hocking, OH, a church building that was purchased by David Huffman after the church was not able to financially sustain itself. Veterans Square will feature the old church bell which will be named, Freedom Bell. A sign outside Veterans Square will say, “Ring the Freedom Bell for freedom for all inside”.

Inside, VFFR will be carryout its goals of advocating for all veterans. There will be the sale of local military and retirement memorabilia, and a small convenience store to cover local needs. Huffman plans exercise and martial arts activities. A grand opening event will occur in the near future.

Since Huffman is an advocate for veterans organizations to assist each other, a sign inside will say, “All veterans’ organizations are created equal” to emphasize the need to be supportive of each other.

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