A veteran can be paid at the 100 percent rate and become Permanent and Total as a result of Individual Unemployability if he is unemployed as a result of his service connected disabilities with one disability rated at 40% with a combined rating of 70%; or with one disability rated at 60% if the disability causes the veteran to be unemployable.  The veterans service connected claims must be the cause of the veteran being unemployable.  Therefore the veteran needs to adjudicate all of his claims in order for the VA to find in his favor for the issue of Individual Unemployability.

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  1. I am in a wheel chair, a walker and I have 70% ptsd, 10 hearing of 10% from the artillery 172 mm and I have diabetes and neurapathy. I fall, I don’t sleep well and I cant live off 1000.00 per month after rent , grocery and car , electric I am broke.

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