VA Math

When a veteran files a claim, one reason he needs to file all claims if because of VA math.  5 – 10’s = 40%; 50+40+10=60; 50 and two 10’s =60.  Look at and refer to the VA website about further information concerning VA math.  When any possible issues are not addressed by the VA; VA math might not work in the veteran’s favor.

3 thoughts on “VA Math

  1. A 30,10, and a 0 do not equal 40. But a 0 is definitely a rated disability. So be careful. Voodoo math for the V.A.

  2. In a Department of Veterans Apeals acknownledging a Clear Unmistakable Erro (CUE) in my claim in 2010. I was given 10% after fighting for 20 years for hypertension. Told because I was at 100% already for another condition rated as of 2007.

    When my case got back to the regional office, the response was I was not entitled to any thing. I requested the RO to review the language and then after sending the letter saying 0%, and my request for review. Another letter was sent and I was paid 20K for twenty years of their erro. Go figure.

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